Common iPad 3 Problems

Despite the advanced features of the iPad 3 tablets, there have been some drawbacks, which have been cited by users of these phones. The issues of battery charging and rate at which the battery drains power are of major concern to users of these tablets. Considering that it takes many hours to charge the battery and that it drains the same power pretty quickly when running on major applications, this means that users are experiencing problems on how to manage the power of the devices.

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Under normal circumstances, the battery will charge about 10% in 50-60 minutes and this means that for it to charge completely, it may require close to 8 continues hours of charging. When you are charging, ensure that you switch it off and not run it for games or other programs. When you charge the battery while the iPad is running on systems such as games, it draws much of the energy from the outlet directly to power the iPad to play your games.

It will also continue to drain the remaining power on the battery and this why users will experience depletion of power when the charger is plugged in and at the same time they are running an application. Another thing that can help in improving the battery life of your iPad 3  is the updates. You need to stay up-to-date and this is achieved by syncing your iPad from time to time so that you get the latest operating system- OS and firmware updates from Apple.

High brightness can affect the battery life of your iPad. Increased brightness may also not be comfortable for your eyes and you can manage the screen brightness in order to save power. Here are some options to ifix ipad 3 battery drain problem

Another common shortcoming, which has been reported on the 3rd generation iPads, is the overheating problem.  The iPad 3 device is said to heat at least 10-13 degrees hotter than its predecessor iPad 2. There are various reasons, which have cited by Apple as to why the device could be heating up at such high temperatures. However, it is obvious that given the kinds of apps, which this device handles and the battery life, it is certain that the aspect of heating of the device was anticipated.

However, users thought that the 3rd generation of iPads was more advanced and addressed the problems that were witnessed on the 2nd generation. Apparently, the iPad 2 devices also experienced heating problems and this is something that Apple should have examined before they released their new device.

Although Apple has stated that the devices have been designed to operate within the set thermal specifications, it is clear that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, ipad 3 overheating problem may not be resolved and therefore people will have to use the devices the way they are.

The heating problem is caused by use of two LEDs, which are used in the backlight of the screen as well as the immense processing power of the A5X processor chip. Another problem that has been noted is the change of the white screen to yellowish tint giving it a distractive viewing experience.

The change in hue of the screen has been associated with Organo-functional Silane Z-6011 adhesive solution, which is used in bonding the glass together. This problem can be solved by allowing more time for the solution to evaporate and the device will retain its screen color.  Otherwise, Apple can still replace your iPad 3 device if you notice that it is experiencing the yellowish hue change. Here is the fix for ipad 3 yellow tint on the screen.

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