iPad 2 Battery Drain – Fix

The iPad 2 device is praised of its excellent battery life as it can last for almost 12 hours. However as you begin using the device, with time; it begins to invariably change its battery life. After so many charges, the battery life fades and this is when you begin experiencing difficulties in power management of your iPad. Every user wants to enjoy optimal entertainment from the 2nd generation device however; this experience can be hampered by the shortened life of the battery.

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If you have to charge your battery every now and then, it means that you will not be able to enjoy continuous and uninterrupted programs such as games, music and movies. There are a number of things, which you can do in order to extend the life of your iPad 2 battery.

One of the ways is to turn off Bluetooth. Unless you are using the Bluetooth keyboard to type in front of your device, you can do without it for a while. You can go to settings and select “Bluetooth” and tap the slider to off mode.

Second, because it is most likely that your iPad is not the primary device that you use for checking emails, since you may also be using your laptop of PC for emails, it means that you do not need to have your messages constantly pushed to the device. You can set your mails to ensure that push is turned off and mails are fetched manually.

In order to find the setting, you can go to mail, contact and calendar and tap “Fetch new data”, from where you can make adjustments. The third battery saving tip is turning off Wi-Fi if you do not have to access your internet. You can set this by going to settings, selecting “Wi-Fi” and then setting the slider off. You will of course turn it on when you want to be online.

Fourth, you also need to disable Ping, which is the Apple’s social networking music service. This service is enabled by default in iOS 4.3 and it is one of the tools, which have widely been accused of reducing the battery life. To turn the Ping off, you need to go to settings, then tap “general” and enable restrictions. You will need to enter 4 digit passcode to access the setting of Ping to off mode.

Fifth, GPS apps and location services are also blamed of draining the battery power. When the GPS and map services are turned on, the phone searches for location although you may not require that service. You can force-close Google Maps and other GPS app as these are the main causes of draining your iPad’s battery.

Sixth, turning off the equalizer on your iPad will extend the battery life meaning that you save energy that could otherwise be lost. When you have your iPad screen operating at maximum brightness, it drains the battery life pretty quickly. Apple reiterates that managing your iPad’s screen brightness is the best way in which you can extend the life of the battery. In essence, these are some of the tips which can help you enhance the life of your iPad battery.

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