iPad 3 Battery Drain

In order to address the problem of iPad draining power fast, there are various aspects that can be observed. ipad 3 battery drain on standby or sleep is also evident. First, it is essential to identify the apps that cause major battery drains. It has been noted that apps that send data and have a background process may cause battery drain on your 3rd generation iPad. You should optimize your settings on the device so that you do not keep active the extra features that you do not need to use as this will drastically reduce the battery draining behavior.

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For instance, your device drains battery power when searching or attempting to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network. If you do not need to access the internet when you are using your device, you can turn off the Wi-Fi. If you are not using Safari or apps that require internet connection, then you can turn it off.

Although data fetching is important as it allows important updates to take effect, on the other hand, the frequency in which the data fetching is carried out also impacts on the battery life. It is essential that you turn off or decrease the timing of data fetching. What you need to do is go to settings and tap on Mail, calendars and contacts and then go to “fetch new data” and select “manually”.

This means that you will initiate the data fetching whenever you want. Alternatively, you can set the fetching time interval to one hour. Another setting that can help in managing battery power is reducing the brightness of your retina display screen. The brighter the screen, the more power it requires. Considering that the retina screen is one of the major power consumption elements of the iPad, you need to adjust it to the right brightness.

When maps and other location features are on, they constantly update and this means that more power is being used. You can turn off the location services. You can also switch on the automatic lock features, which ensures that your iPad’s screen turns off when it is left for some time in an inactive state. This feature doesn’t power off the entire iPad but only sends it to power saving mode.

What you need to do is go to the setting tab and then tap on “general” and on the “Auto –lock”. You can set the auto lock time to a short span of time like one minute meaning that if your iPad is inactive for a period of one minute, it turns off the screen. Although setting will help in minimizing power draining, there are other aspects that can also help in this problem.

Backing your iPad on to iCloud helps in transferring much of the data that contributes to battery drain to the server resource. When you back up and store your contents in the iCloud, you can then remove all setting and information from your iPad 3. You can erase all contents and settings. You may also try iTunes backup and restore as it will also help in reducing power drain.

In essence, there are many ways in which you can work around the settings of your phone and make it assume efficient power consumption. These will range from the iPad features’ settings to using data backup services such as the iCloud.

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