iPad 3 Not Charging

When iPad 3 was released, there was much anticipation that it had all the best features and functionality. Whereas this is true, there have been some setbacks in the battery charging feature. There are numerous problems that have been reported by iPad 3 users and one is that the battery takes too long to charge with people reporting that they have left their phones overnight for charging only to find out that it stopped charging or has not charged completely. Others have reported that their device does not charge at all.

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There are different circumstances about the charging issues and they could be that;

  • The phone does not charge
  • It charges very slowly or
  • It does not charge fully when it is plugged into the power source.

The new iPad 3 devices have been designed with an array of impressive features and these require a lot of energy to run. The battery of the iPad 3 is larger than that of its predecessor phone iPad 2. This is because it is designed to support the high resolution retina display screen and the faster A5X processor as well as the 4G LTE internet connectivity.

These elements are all major power drains in these tablets. This explains the reason why people are reporting slow charging when the phone is in use. The power is drawn directly to support the tablet’s operations when the phone is running programs such as video streaming, movie watching and playing games.

The most important thing to do is to charge the battery when the phone is switched off. This will give it enough time to charge optimally. When the battery does not charge at all, there may be problem with the cord you are using. If you are using a different cord other than the OEM cable, then it is most likely that it will not charge or it will charge too slowly.

Therefore, you should ensure that you charge with the designated cable that has been specially designed for this tablet. The main issue is that the phone draws more power from the outlet and therefore, the cord stability and strength will play a role in determining how it will charge. The new iPad 3 battery is 70% larger than the iPad 2 battery.

In addition, the 3rd generation iPad’s batteries take about 50-60 minutes for a 10% charge. This means that it may take up to 8 hours to fully charge the batteries. According to a research carried out by Consumer Reports engineers, it showed that the iPad 3 devices were heating up too high when they are running especially on games. It also showed that they were not charging when plugged in and at the same time the users are playing games. In fact, the battery continued to drain.

These are problems that have been noted by Apple, the iPads’ devices manufacturer and perhaps they will be able to provide better solutions. What users are advised to do in order to solve the problem of charging is to allow the device to charge when it is switched off or not running. They also need to ensure that they use original cables, which have been designed for the phone. In addition, they should allow enough time for the battery to charge. Even when an alert is given that the battery if full, it is advisable that you give an extra hour for it to fully charge and stabilize.

Preferably use the wall-adapter instead of the USB port while charging. To further fix the ipad 3 slow charging issue, you can close down all apps that may be consuming battery.  Just double click the home button and hold down one of the apps.  You will see a red circle appearing with a line, click for all apps and all of them will be shut down helping the ipad 3 charge faster.  You can also turn the ‘brightness’ down while charging.

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