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An iPad running slow is not uncommon problem and many users will experience this time in time. One of the major causes of slow running iPad is an errant application or an app that is operating on a background mode. When too much of memory or processing capacity is taken up by other apps, this can easily slow down your device. One of the things you can do is to purge the recent apps right from the memory.

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ipad running slow on wifi is also a common problem. Although iPad is designed to multitask and suspend applications, which are not active, at times a portion of application that is running can slow the device. For example, Pandora app can continue to send music to your speaker after you have closed it. What you need to do is to get to the task bar and close the application.

You can get to the task bar by double clicking the home button that is found at the bottom of the device. When you place that button twice in quick succession, the task bar pops up and this will show you all the most recent apps that you have run or are running. You need to touch the app you want to close and hold your finger down as the icons begin shimmering.

Small red circles will appear on top of the icons, which have minus sign at the middle. To close, you will only need to touch the red circle and the app will shut down. You can close several of the recent apps and this will help in solving the problem of slow running iPad.

If closing the apps does not bring any change on the speed of your device, you can opt for the most effective method of rebooting the iPad. Rebooting closes all recent apps and also helps in refreshing your device to run fast. What you need to do is to hold down the sleep/wake button until you get instructions that tell you to slide down a button in order to power off the device.

Once the screen has gone completely dark, then you can restart the iPad by holding the sleep/wake button once more. Another way in which you can speed up an iPad, which is running slow, is by taking good care of the device. There are guidelines that have been provided on how you can properly maintain your iOS device.

Maintenance of your device helps it run optimally and there are various ways you can achieve this. You have to prolong the battery lifespan of your ipad  by completing at least one charge cycle per month. This means charging the battery to 100% and then you completely empty it. Another way you can solve the problem of slow running iPad is ensuring that your software is up-to-date.

You should verify that you have installed the latest version of iTunes. Your iOS software should be updated as often as possible. This helps in fixing a lot of bugs, which could be causing your iPad to slow down. In essence, there are many ways in which you can optimize the speed of your iPad and these should help in enhancing the user-experience of the device.

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